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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gays on every corner in Lexington this weekend. Keep your children home.

The sodomites will be taking over Lexington this weekend. Most of it sponsored by and I plan on finding out who owns this company. I want to make sure none of my tax dollars are going to a pro-sodomite organization.

Leviticus 18:22: Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

The good news: The degeneration of Kentucky Fairness Alliance continues according to the internet, they have lost the Northern Kentucky Chapter also. That is Lexington, Richmond, and now Northern Kentucky. To our advantage, this organization is its own worst enemy.

The bad news: The Northern Chapter of KFA is now called Equality Northern Kentucky and they identity themselves as a task force, not an actual organization.

We must stand firm here in Kentucky and make sure it doesn't turn into another California! As one smart person has pointed out, with all the sin currently in the world, we are close to the rapture.

I must wonder why sodomite leader Jordan Palmer and the folks at Kentucky Equality Federation have distanced themselves from Lexington Fairness - Bluegrass Fairness, or whatever their name is today. To make things worse here in Kentucky, sodomite Palmer was on record recently as saying Kentucky's gay marriage ban must be repealed. Good luck with that one Mr. Palmer, it will never happen.

The good news: I hear Jordan Palmer will be moving to another state soon to take on a new project.

The bad news: Kentucky Equality Federation is currently looking for an executive director to replace their president sodomite.

Tolerating a sodomite pride festival and allowing sodomites to get married are very different things. There are too many good Christian folks here in Kentucky to ever allow that to happen.

I believe that the reason why we must fight against the gay-behavior-affirming heresy and error in the Christian churches is precisely because unrepentant homosexuals will miss heaven and the ultimate realization of transcendent good.

What is left for them?

Transcendent evil.

They are so caught up in the flesh that they don't even realize it is evil in the first place! What's more, they refuse to ever acknowledge it and, instead, re-name it as a "blessing from God."

Like Michael G. Mickey, I will be staying in this weekend also. The first homosexual who steps foot on my lawn will be arrested. Mike says it best when he said he will come out again when he "can drive through the city without fear of my 7-year-old asking me why two men are kissing on the street corner."