Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sodomites attempt to smear Fletcher

Sodomite supporters at Kentucky Equality Federation attempt to define the legacy of Republican Governor Fletcher. They forget all the jobs he brought to Kentucky and the budget surplus.

Sad day for Kentucky

Take a look:

Kentucky voters on Tuesday turned scandal-stained Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher out of office after only one term, electing Democrat Steve Beshear to a four-year term.

A former U.S. House member, Fletcher easily won four years ago, becoming the first Republican elected governor in the state since 1967.

Tuesday's elections were the last of the year involving governors, and looked likely to leave the landscape unchanged in terms of party breakdowns. Going into the year there were 28 Democratic governors and 22 Republicans.

The Democratic Governors Association said that outcome would leave its party in control of states with 294 electoral votes in the 2008 presidential election, compared to 244 for the GOP.

then there is this:

Democrat Jack Conway overwhelmingly defeated Republican Stan Lee on Tuesday to become Kentucky’s next attorney general.

“I am humbled by it,” Conway said. “We worked awfully hard.”

Conway said his campaign’s focus on the drug epidemic, cyber crimes and prosecutorial budgets propelled him to victory.

What a sad day for Kentucky. Looks like the queers will be taking over. Don't drop the soap!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Poll finds Kentuckians oppose domestic partner benefits

Great report from vere loqui:

Bad news for our public universities. It didn't get much attention beyond his blog, but Mark Hebert of WHAS-11 has reported survey results from Survey USA that show that a large majority of Kentuckians oppose benefits for the partners of unmarried gay state workers.

Should unmarried state workers be offered health insurance for their gay live in partner?
  • 23% Yes
  • 73% No

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The end of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance?

When you put a bunch of homosexuals into the same room the gossip and backbiting that takes placing is simply amazing. This is what took place when Just Fund Kentucky hosted an event with comedian Kate Clinton in Lexington on October 27, 2007.

I did not know the Bluegrass Chapter of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance broke off and became an independent organization [and no longer associated with KFA]. That would seem to be the life story of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance. One cannot help but wonder if Clear Channel, Lexmark, and all the other corporate sponsors of KFA’s dinner in Louisville on November 10, 2007 know how disassociated they truly are with the bulk of gay supporters and the general homosexual population.

Kentucky’s only gay lawmaker, Sen. Ernesto Scorsone [according to information from the Kate Clinton event] is now estranged from the organization he once supported. Most people at the Clinton event predicted the KFA will fold by the end of next year.

With Sen. Scorsone and others no longer backing then, KFA was desperate to find new money and supporters, leading then to bring another name into their 3rd Annual Dinner, the Louisville Fairness Campaign [Louisville area only].

Homosexual organizations and leaders arguing, fighting, and disassociating from one another is yet another reason the gays will lose the war on gay marriage. Just look at what recently happened with the Human Rights Campaign as a perfect example [the transgender population doesn't trust them, and rightly so].

I’m not opposed to laws to protect gays from being fired simply because of their homosexuality. Some things however, such as marriage, cannot be included in same-sex relationships that are by their very nature seductive, promiscuous, and without moral centers.

With Kentucky Fairness Alliance out of the way, only Kentucky Equality Federation stands in the way to righteousness but we have plans to stop them.