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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sad day for Kentucky

Take a look:

Kentucky voters on Tuesday turned scandal-stained Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher out of office after only one term, electing Democrat Steve Beshear to a four-year term.

A former U.S. House member, Fletcher easily won four years ago, becoming the first Republican elected governor in the state since 1967.

Tuesday's elections were the last of the year involving governors, and looked likely to leave the landscape unchanged in terms of party breakdowns. Going into the year there were 28 Democratic governors and 22 Republicans.

The Democratic Governors Association said that outcome would leave its party in control of states with 294 electoral votes in the 2008 presidential election, compared to 244 for the GOP.

then there is this:

Democrat Jack Conway overwhelmingly defeated Republican Stan Lee on Tuesday to become Kentucky’s next attorney general.

“I am humbled by it,” Conway said. “We worked awfully hard.”

Conway said his campaign’s focus on the drug epidemic, cyber crimes and prosecutorial budgets propelled him to victory.

What a sad day for Kentucky. Looks like the queers will be taking over. Don't drop the soap!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rhetoric Blogger for Bluegrass Report returns.

Just when I thought the blog world was getting better, it looks like anti-family Blogger Mark Nickolas is gracing the commonwealth with his usual rhetoric on Bluegrass Report.

This guy really gets on my nerves with all his crap about the Republican Party of Kentucky. Checkout his site, he is a real nut job.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Democrats oppose FairTax

It is no surprise that only Republicans are supporting the FairTax movement that would eliminate federal income tax and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS, the word everyone hates to hear, as well as the Kentucky Department of Revenue, or DOR).

Democrats just don't believe in small government.

The FairTax Plan is a nonpartisan national grassroots campaign to replace the federal income tax system with a progressive national retail sales tax. It provides a "prebate" to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue replacement and, through companion legislation, repeal of the 16th Amendment.

The FairTax would, for the first time, tax undocumented workers who now evade U.S. income and payroll taxes. Under the FairTax, all persons living in the U.S. pay taxes, whether they are here legally or illegally.

Read about it and join the movement at

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is sodomy and homosexuality becoming a national trend? Kentucky Equality Federation apparently thinks so!

A very interesting conversation going on between some liberals and conservatives in this post from Kentucky Progress.

Add your thoughts to the self righteous Kentucky Equality Federation's comments about sodomy and homosexuality becoming a national trend. What kind of crack are these guys smoking?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Democrats to return to the Capital?

Looks like the democrats may be going back to the Capital after all according to the Hearld-Leader.

That will likely upset Kentucky Equality Federation if the domestic-partner issue isn't removed from the agenda.

Kentucky Equality Federation, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, Fairness many gay rights organizations does Kentucky need? A new organization is also being formed for Kentucky! Who besides the Family Foundation stands for what is fair and proper?