Thursday, November 1, 2007

The end of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance?

When you put a bunch of homosexuals into the same room the gossip and backbiting that takes placing is simply amazing. This is what took place when Just Fund Kentucky hosted an event with comedian Kate Clinton in Lexington on October 27, 2007.

I did not know the Bluegrass Chapter of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance broke off and became an independent organization [and no longer associated with KFA]. That would seem to be the life story of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance. One cannot help but wonder if Clear Channel, Lexmark, and all the other corporate sponsors of KFA’s dinner in Louisville on November 10, 2007 know how disassociated they truly are with the bulk of gay supporters and the general homosexual population.

Kentucky’s only gay lawmaker, Sen. Ernesto Scorsone [according to information from the Kate Clinton event] is now estranged from the organization he once supported. Most people at the Clinton event predicted the KFA will fold by the end of next year.

With Sen. Scorsone and others no longer backing then, KFA was desperate to find new money and supporters, leading then to bring another name into their 3rd Annual Dinner, the Louisville Fairness Campaign [Louisville area only].

Homosexual organizations and leaders arguing, fighting, and disassociating from one another is yet another reason the gays will lose the war on gay marriage. Just look at what recently happened with the Human Rights Campaign as a perfect example [the transgender population doesn't trust them, and rightly so].

I’m not opposed to laws to protect gays from being fired simply because of their homosexuality. Some things however, such as marriage, cannot be included in same-sex relationships that are by their very nature seductive, promiscuous, and without moral centers.

With Kentucky Fairness Alliance out of the way, only Kentucky Equality Federation stands in the way to righteousness but we have plans to stop them.


Anonymous said...

Some day soon they will all be exposed. What did the senator say?

Anonymous said...

This is written very poorly; I cannot help but question the "credentials" of the author. A self-proclaimed freelance reporter even should use better sentence structure, not to mention logic. The author's 'hobby' may not only be reporting, but desperately struggling how to come to terms with their own sexuality. Good luck and thanks for the links, I had not realized until now that the Kentucky Fairness organization even existed, much more, needs the support of intelligent, civilized, educated citizens.

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Anonymous said...

The KFA is trash just admit defeat when you are dead.

ryan said...

kfa is just pissed because you delivered a blow to them but you pretty much nailed them!

Anonymous said...

The author of this passage is clearly a homosexual that can not come to terms with him/her sexuality. Thanks for the links to the better websites. Dumbass.