Friday, June 15, 2012

Kentucky's alleged equality organizations failing

Since I was been absent things have gotten better, witness the awesome power of the Family Foundation of Kentucky:

The future of instant racing gambling in Kentucky is back in the hands of a trial judge who the Kentucky Court of Appeals on Friday ordered to further develop the issues surrounding the slot-like game.

The 2-1 decision doesn't expressly prohibit instant racing at Kentucky Downs in Franklin near the Kentucky-Tennessee state line and Ellis Park in Henderson. Instead, the court sent the case back to Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate with instructions to allow the Family Foundation of Kentucky and the state to explore several issues surrounding the game, in which patrons bet on historic races without knowing the names of the trainers, jockeys or horses involved.

In December 2010, Wingate upheld a proposal allowing tracks to accept pari-mutuel bets on rebroadcasts of the old races. The Family Foundation intervened in a lawsuit seeking to clarify the issue.

By not allowing the state and the Family Foundation of Kentucky to exchange evidence and flesh out the issues, it is impossible to tell what the trial judge relied on to justify upholding instant racing, Senior Judge Joseph E. Lambert wrote for the appeals court.

Martin Cothran, a senior policy analyst for the Lexington-based Family Foundation of Kentucky, said the ruling levels the playing field in the litigation.

"With an issue as ripe for corruption as expanded gambling, the public has a right to question, know and understand the underlying facts relating to the gambling activity and the special interests involved," Cothran said.

Social clubs like the faux and defunct Kentucky Fairness Alliance pose no threat to family values in Kentucky. Other social groups, Lexington Fairness and the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization or GLSO are also without power or merit, just a bunch of homosexuals getting together to get drunk? Cocktail anyone?

Louisville Fairness Campaign has proven how useless they are with the Berea ordinance. Chris Hartman the director of Louisville Fairness Campaign publicly promised a Madison County Human Rights Commission.  They created it and omitted the gay agenda, a major slap in the face to Hartman's credibility.

Hartman also proved that he himself is a bully, covered by major news outlets:

The leading supporter of the so-called “Bullying Bill” became verbally and physically abusive in a Capitol Annex hallway with an opponent of the bill after the bill went down to defeat in a House committee, attracting the attention of State Police and other observers. The Family Foundation called on the Fairness Campaign to issue a public apology for the behavior of its director, Chris Hartman. “If you are really opposed to bullying, the last thing you probably want to do is engage in it in plain sight after a meeting in which a bill prohibiting it was just discussed,” said Family Foundation spokesman Martin Cothran. Hartman obstructed the path of Andrew Walker, who had lobbied the committee against the bill, harassing him as he was leaving the restroom after the meeting and began interrogating him in an intimidating way. Several minutes later, Hartman cornered Walker again and began verbally bullying him with charges of being opposed to student safety.

According to Louisville’s Courier Journal, Hartman “became verbally and physically abusive toward Andrew Walker, a policy analyst for The Family Foundation of Kentucky, who had lobbied against the bill.” As a result, The Family Foundation of Kentucky has called on the Fairness Campaign to issue a public apology for the behavior of Hartman.

Personally I think criminal charges should have been filed but the Louisville Fairness Campaign still has some political strength.

Kentucky Equality Federation's former president, Jordan Palmer successfully lobbied the feds to prosecute the first so-called gay hate crime in the United States. So what? They also forced the city of Hazard to make changes and got a true Christian suspended from his job just because he didn't want homosexuals kissing in his pool.

With Palmer no longer in the drivers seat, the future political power of Kentucky Equality Federation is in question. With Palmer and his political connections gone Kentucky Equality Federation will collapse on itself.  Palmer stepped down for health reasons, he probably has AIDS knowing how easy the gays have sex.

Joshua Koch the Kentucky Equality Federation's new president condoned the illegal removal of a freedom of speech billboard which told God fearing people the truth: "Abortion is Murder and Homosexuality is a Sin!" Just how hard do you think the Lexington Police Department is going to investigate the removal of that billboard with a gay mayor?

Be warned, David Adams may be busy but I am back!


Fran Everage said...

I just don't know where or how to begin. The angry lesbian in me really wants to rear it's ugly head, but I'm going to keep this as professional as I possibly can. I will first address the comment made by David (I don't have enough respect for you to call you Mr. Adams) regarding meetings where homosexuals go to get drunk. Are you kidding me? Really? Do you even READ what you write. That is just an absurd notion concocted in your obviously overactive, homophobic, narrowminded psyche. I really feel sorry for you to have so much hatred in your heart. Aren't Christians supposed to be loving and forgiving? Are you not aware that it is a fact that the bible speaks against hatred and frankly, only hatred can drive the vile comments you made about former president of Kentucky Equality Federation Jordan Palmer. Making allegations about Mr. Palmer's health is unethical and hateful and frankly, Mr. Palmer's health is none of your damned business. What difference would it make if he did have a STD? "How easy the gays have sex?" If it's not easy for you David, then you are obviously doing something wrong. Yet another reason to pity you. Mr. Palmer has done amazing things for equality in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which if I'm not mistaken, is how God would want it. KEF fights for HUMAN rights...those rights that we ALL should have just for being born. Hatred in any form is wrong...both in the eyes of God and the eyes of man. Plain and simple...the hatred you are spewing is against what God would want, David. Finally, I can't resist commenting on what you said about it not being a big deal that Mr Palmer's tenactiy was instrumental in lobbying the federal govenment to prosecute the first federal hate crime.(well that's in MY words...I think you'r words were something along the lines of simply BIG DEAL. I don't know how YOUR deal sizes work, but I think that was a huge success for our state's persecuted population. Crimes against people just because you don't believe in what they do is illegal and should be prosecuted the same as any other violent crime and obviously people much more intelligent who make a lot more money and have the authority to make those kinds of decisions beled it was important enough to make a law about and then listen to the relentless pleas of Mr Palmer to investigate and then prosecute a hate crime. This is a huge step towards taking back power from the criminal and giving it to the victim. I personally am HONORED to be on Board of Directors for The Kentucky Equality Federation. I believe in their mission and the work that is done there and can ASSURE you that it is in no WAY a gay sex club. That’s yet ANOTHER example of your venom. Perhaps, David Adams, you should look within yourself and pray about what you can do to heal your negative, narrow-minded mentality and ask for God’s forgiveness for all the hatred you have been spewing and ask Him that He heal your bitter heart, before it’s too late. By the way, chances are , you know and love people that are gay and you don't even know it.Wrap your brain around that for a minute, David Admas.

Michael said...

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated as gay!

dweezieky said...

The HORRIBLE grammar in this article really brings down the credibility of whoever wrote it. I love that the coward wont mention who he is or what he does. Its probably just someone wanting attention because he was molested like most Preachers in Kentucky...just as lame as they get!